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Latex Breast Forms

What is the real story of MakupArtist”s Latex Breasts Forms and Latex Breast Products? As with all of our products it is both your breast need and your form imagination that drives what you do will do with our Latex Breast forms. Experimentation is the key. We often have producers of films contacting us because our Breast forms were brought to their attention by their creative teams. As you can see by these images the transformation at least in photos is remarkable and you can even see the attitude of the model change as she changes her shape.


Images are one thing but they can of course be very different from what happens in real life. What exactly makes our breast forms different then other products on the market. Lets first look at a comparison of materials; most breast forms are made of silicon and are lifeless blobs of rubber. They do not feel good against the skin and they do not look natural in anyway. They will give you a shape but if you touch them or see them it has to make you a little sick to your stomach. MakupArtist Beast Forms on the other hand are a two piece composition with an outer skin of soft foam latex using our revolutionary Foamex™ latex process that is soft and breathable and feels like human skin.and an inner core of soft pliable Foam Silicon. To this we add a back panel of cloth so you have something more comfortable against your skin.

The breast forms are designed by an artist so they look like a natural breast and have a nice natural nipple that even looks great through a shirt or a soft bra. But the best part is what they feel like both when you touch them and also when someone else touches them. We often have woman contact us looking for a correction after a mastectomy a process that can be much more then depressing. It is a pleasure to produce something that can raise the over all spirits of someone who has been through this and our artists understand this when we make them. In general a key difference between our products and anything else on the market is they are made by artists and bringing art to life can bring joy to the creator and the person to behold!.



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