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Female I-cup Foam Latex Breast Torso with choice of fillings

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I-cup Foam Latex Breast Torso
This is a full to the waist Foam Latex I-cup Breast Torso Appliance. We now offer the torso without inserts, with Urathane Foam Inserts and of course the Heavy Silicone Inserts. You can take a peek at the I-cup Shake Video showing the natural movement of our Siliconne Filled I-cup Breast Torso. What you see in that video is the performace of the peice you should expect when hung on your chest. The I-cup has all the standard features of all our Breast Torso products with an out skin of Foam Latex for that human skin touch with inner core of soft Foam Silicone. Some customers wish to create there own fillings such as using balloons or condoms or poly fill. That is why we offer the peice with out inserts if you wish. These peices are very custom so if you instruct us what you are filling it with we can adjust the thickness to support your system.
Torso Specification:

  • Shipping weight 5 kilos or 11 lb with silicone filling
  • Free international shipping
  • FedEx Shipping option
  • Nipple size 1 3/4inches or 4.5cm
  • Nipples can be custom made larger no extra charge
  • Nipple color light brown can be costume colored no extra charge
  • Custom fit with our lacing zipper you can read about here
  • Choice of a lacing zipper down each side under the or on one down the back
  • Torso cut to fit like a vest
  • Breast inserts Very Soft Foam Silicone
  • Torso length from center between breasts to bottom (can be cut shorter) 15inches or 38cm
  • Breast circumference 22.5inches or 57cm
  • Breast projection from chest 5inches or 13cm
  • All stress points and edges reinforced with nylon
  • Packed in Recycled Cardboard shipping container

You might ask what the benefit of have a mixed composition of Silicone and Latex like this and that is easy to understand if you compare it with the composition of human tissue. A human or in this case a human female breast is made with an outer skin filled with soft playable layers on the inside that include fat, muscle and connective tissue. For that reason a breast made from just latex or one made from just silicone will never give it that human feel or structure. Many of you who have bought our masks before know how light weight and soft the foam latex is and how warm and human like it can feel. When we started working on a breast product it never occurred to us to use anything that would not give us as life like a feel and structure as possible. This has been a long road for us as it has taken thousands of tests to finally find a stable product with the look and feel of what we were after.

This is a one piece torso made with our Foamex Foam latex process with the look and feel of human skin on the outside skin with an inner core of Foam Silicone. The breasts of the torso are filled with foam silicone for a look, feel and weight of natural breasts. The piece weighs close to 5 kilos or about 11 pounds. Because of the silicone filling they move naturally, bounce, squeeze naturally, create cleavage naturally and can even be used with a push up bra or corset. It took us some time but we even found a way to reinforce the outer foam latex skin to carry this massive weight without any stretch marks. If you ever wonder what it would be like to have ones this big this is your chance as this is close to the true weight of a human breast of this size.

The torso is design to be custom fit with sewn lacing zipper under the arms to adjust the fit of the body and a hook system down the back. Your second option is a single lacing zipper down the back.  This new fitting system allows you to easily put the piece on by yourself. The single zipper you will need help getting the piece on and off. This is the best fitting torso we have designed to date. Our special patented lacing zipper is incorporated so you have two lacing rows one on each side of a zipper to give you fine tuning of your fit. It even allows you to adjust the size if you gain or lose a couple pounds or want to wear additional clothing under the appliance. Once you set the size of your torso then zip it on and off as you wish. Custom fitting is included in the price. You can view more info about custom fitting Here.

This torso piece will take us about three weeks to complete for you normally but now we are backed up with orders so please allow extra time. The item has free international shipping via parcel post or a FedEx option for express shipping. Pictures tell a thousand words so be sure to scan the gallery at the bottom of the page. Be sure when you order to include your custom fitting measurements in the notes section during check out. You will find the chart for measuring on our custom fitting page Here. You will also find information about Chlorinating products Here. For Color matching color option you will need to provided us with a color to color tone your piece to. All Torso Skins are in stock so your order will br started as soon as payment is received.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 07 October, 2009.

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