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Punch Foam Latex Mask
Punch Foam Latex Mask
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full Lower Torso Pussy Panties Slacks!

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Chlorinate Torso

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Welcome to the world of MakupArtist Full Lower Female Torso. This piece has been many years in the making and finally ready to wear. When we designed the piece we studied other manufactures products. What we saw was biggie and unattractive. What we have tried to design is a piece that stretches to fit so you do not experience the bagginess. We make the piece as small as we could and as thin as we could to maximize the stretch. It is still made with our Foamex latex process but thinner. The entire piece is lined with a nylon material to prevent you from tearing it. This makes it so you should stretch to a very tight fit. This piece as all of our big pieces is extremely custom made and one size does not fit all. When you order we will request specific measureless from you and analyze how best to make it fit you. Some may only require a slight modification without any seams and some will need seams to either make the piece bigger or smaller. As I said we made the piece as small around as we could make it to optimize the stretch but there is only so small we can make it and still make a foam latex piece with it. They are extra long and will fit a person over 6'8 or 200cm. They are designed to cut to length. When you order we will discuss with you if you need seams and where you would like them.

One of the first things you will not about the finish on the piece is the lack of perfection in the finish. Often time when companies make latex or even silicone pieces they tend get it to perfect like it came out of a mold, our pieces have texture and imperfections in them similar to molds and pores in human skin.

These pieces are very large and difficult to make so please when you order give us plenty of time to finish your order. Every piece is extremely custom and hand made so allow us plenty of time to work magic for you. Not ever piece we make is good enough to sell especially with these larger pieces. Please do not order unless you have the flexibility to work with us on time. Eventually we will have inventory which will cut the time to make them but for now every piece is made to order. Please drop us a note if you have any questions or concerns.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 16 March, 2011.

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