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Doctor Latex

DR Latex - The Doctor is In!

I am MakupArtist's Resident Polymer Chemist and everyone just calls me Doc you can too. Working with MakupArtist has been the most interesting job of my life as we do nothing in the conventional sense. The people here are very creative and imaginative so it allows for a good deal of freedom not to mention there are really brilliant people here. When we go to problem solving I have never seen a team work so well together or come up with such unusual solutions. This has given me the back bone to really step out of the mold and try many things that are not suppose to be able to be done. For that reason our innovation are like no other company in the world virtual breaking known science everyday. I am not much of a writer, kind of a geek but the staff has given me this section to write and it sounds like fun. I also have wonderful editors so it should be OK. As time will allow I will be making additions to my section to help you understand our products better and in general understand latex and rubber polymers which is for the most part my life. If you have a question you can ask it in our questions and answers section so everyone can see it. Thanks much and keep using that latex!

Dr. Latex's Speaks!

*Understanding Clorinization of Latex and how to Chlorinate Latex Garments! In this article I will give you a background on Clorinazation, what chlorine does to latex and latex Garments and how to chlorinate your latex Garments and clothing.

*How to Chlorinate a Latex Mask! In this article I will discuss the Chlorinating or Chorinization process of latex and and in particular of a foam latex masks.