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Custom Work

Yes our custom shop is available for any kind of custom orders. The MakupArtist studios are world renowned for our work with production houses and movie sets and consumers.

MakupArtist is one of the largest manufactures in the world of its kind. What does that mean for quality and quantity? Because we do our own formulations and manufacture large quantities of consumer products at one time it gives us an advantage no one else in the industry has, flexibility, speed and efficiency. Our sculpting artists can create a masterpiece for you in one or two weeks, one or two more weeks to tool up and in one month we could have a thousand pieces. What if we could give you an army of Zombie clones in just a couple months’ time?

Independent film has taken off like crazy as the equipment has gotten cheaper, smaller and better. The speed and volume of our service can you give you cutting edge special fx at a fraction of the cost. This is not just about movie companies if you want a large breast plate made or anything in your imagine we can take care of it. Our largest vulcanizing oven is big enough to drive a small car in.
Our sculpting team is fast and furious and can do pieces that will fit in your pocket our so big you can sleep in them. We can work from pictures; we work from pieces customer send us we work off concepts given. Several of our staff are engineers so it is possible for us to design armatures and mechanical apparatus to take on any effect you are after.  We are already supply robotics institutes with parts for robots.
Dream big and drop us a note with your ideas and we will shoot you back a quote!

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