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At MakupArtist we want your experience with us to be a good on.We try to give you what you want as quickly and conveniently as possible but in the modern world this has also to do with taking your money quickly and painlessly. For that reason we give you more then one option for payment.


Be it ever so humble or not what would the world be without your PayPal account, some might say better. Can't beaten with a big stick so join them. For this reason we give you more then one PayPal option. Enough said.

Goggle Checkout

Thank god someone gave an option to PayPal that makes sense. Goggle is run like a finely oiled machine and should be considered to be your first line of defense for giving away your money. We highly recommend them as they are thorough, efferent and fair.

Money Orders

You are also most welcome to check out with our Money Order payment option. Please go through check out and select pay with a money order. When you have completed check out your will be sent a confirmation with an address to send your check depending on your location world wide. Also if you have any problems with check out please use the Pay with Money Order option and in the notes tell us you special payment instruction. Sometime PayPal does not work what a surprize, and this is beyond our control. If this happens check out with Pay with a Money order and request us in the notes to send you a PayPal Invoice.

Bank Transfer

It is also possible for you to transfer to one of our bank accounts world wide. For this option please check out with pay by Check or Money order and in the notes tell us you would like to pay by bank transfer. This option is most common in Europe and we do have a German Bank Account to give you EU service.

Money by Mail

Of course there is always the old reliable stuff a wade of money in and envelope and send it to us. We hardly every recommend this but amazing as it may seem everyone who has ever sent us money this way and there are many have never lost a red cent. If you must send us cash please check out with the pay by Check or Money order options and in the notes tell us you want to send us cash. We will send back instructions with an address closest to you. Remember stealth is important in mailing cash as the postal workers know all the tricks so hide it in a really bad birthday card as it is always our birthday here at MakupArtist especially when it comes to taking your money.

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