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Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting ...

Submitting Your Custom Fit Measurements

To give us your custom fit Measurements for your order simply include them in the notes section with your payment method or in the notes section of our check out from. We will make sure they get with your order. When you buy the custom fitting option we will know this is what you want and first look for them in these places and if they are not there we will write you and request them. If we have to make a request it will hold up processing of your order so don't forget to get them to us.>

Measuring for Custom Fitting

To measure your head for a custom fitting of any of our masks simply include the A, B,C D measurements with your order. Please just follow the drawing below for the location of the measurement we will require. all measurements are taken completely around the head. Please measure A. from your chin around your head to your chin, B. measure from the eyebrows around the head and back to the point you started from, C from the chin around to the back of the head and back to the chin and D around the neck and back to the place you started from.

Why Custom fit? All our masks have very long necks. These necks are designed so you can custom tailor them into your shoulders. It can be very hard on the necks to stretch them over your head. You really need to make an opening in the back to accommodate this or you will rip your mask. For this reason we recommend custom fitting either by us or by you. We actually sew a zipper into our fittings so the zipper hold in the mask very securely.

In most cases if you put a mask on it will be baggy or If your head is very large the mask could be very tight and may distort some of the features of the mask. We can not fit all masks to all people so what we have done is set the features to a standard size and designed this custom fitting option. This custom fitting can do three things. First the mask is fit to a persons head even if the mask is to big. Second the mask is fit to a persons head if the mask is to small and third the mask is ventilated by the addition of a cloth zipper and in some cases a cloth panel in the back. We highly recommend this fitting option as the necks are very long and can be difficult to pull the mask on and off without damaging it. All of our customers who have had both custom fit masks and none custom fit mask tell us how wonderful the mask is when fit and well worth the money especially if you look at the option of ripping your mask and ruining it

Custom Fitting Torso or Torso Mask Combination:

Latex breasts zip

The torso or torso mask combination can be custom fit with zipper or Lacing.

To measure:

D = Circumference of top of neck

E = Circumference of bottom of neck

F = Circumference of chest across your nipples and around you back

G = Circumference of arm at shoulder

H = Length of neck desired

I = Circumference of the waist

j = The distance from your collar bone to the center of your nipple line. (This is for D-cup torsos only. We make two models of the D-cup Torso and this measurement determines which one of them will fit you best)

K = The torsos now come cut for you more as a vest. This makes a better fit but we will need to have the measurement from shoulder cap to shoulder cap. Marked on the diagram as K please measure from this point across the back of your shoulders to the other side where the K point would be. This is the same line as the seam on your shirt at the top of your shoulder cap.

If you are doing a torso mask combination please provide all the measurements A through H

Be sure to specify if you wish lacing or a zipper Also though lace can be very difficult to put on.

Drop us a note if you have any questions.

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