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Latex Breasts Enhancement

Breast Forms and Latex Breast Enhancement by MakupAritst all with free shipping
Breaking the mold for both men and woman on Breast Enhancement, Breast Forms and Latex Trans-gender Transformation MakupArtist does it again with the most unique composition in our Foam Silicone filled Foam Latex Breast Torso or you can choose to fill it yourself or also choose Urethane Foam inserts. This complex appliance has the best of both worlds with our special Foamex™ outer skin in Foam latex and an inner implant or insert of Foam Silicone to give a life like feel, bounce, compression and squeeze not to mention cleavage. Whether it is for a Hollywood movie, Las Vegas show, Breast Enhancement or a transvestite cross-dressing ball MakupArtist Female Latex Silicone Breast Torso will bring home the awards.

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Hype put Aside: what can you really expect, will one of our torsos transform you instantly into a large breasted woman the answer would be no but there is nothing besides surgery that will give you this. There is nothing in the world like the way your skin is connected to you. If you glue any torso to yourself of course you will get a better fit but only short term because perspiration will force the glue from your skin.  Our Torsos can be custom made to your measurements with our unique Lacing Zipper which allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments to your fit. Your problem areas are always the transitions especially around the neck. It is only experimentation that will solve this for you. The pieces are easy to trim and allow you to take off excess rubber to make the fit more uniform. The weight in the pieces is the same as a natural breast so especially in the larger sizes there is a lot of weight pulling down on the neck and shoulders but it does nicely distribute.

Female Masks

Foam latex verses Silicone Skins: If you want a skin on a torso that is perfect as if it was poured into a mold then you need to buy a Silicone Torso. If you want a piece that is imperfect and more natural like human skin then you want a foam latex skin. Because the surface of the latex pieces are all hand made you will find small moles and ripples and skin texture. As our artists work to finish the surface of the piece they always have in mind to make it look as close to human skin as possible, the skin will also be less rubbery to the touch compared to silicone.

Female Masks

Foam Silicone Inserts: Over the years we have experimented with many different methods of connecting to unalike materials together namely latex and silicone and we always come back to the insert idea or inserting a Foam Silicone core into the Latex Skins Breast. By not relying on the Foam Silicone to hold the breast torso together we can make the Silicone Breast Inserts as soft as possible. Soft silicone is sticky which is one reason you can not get a silicone torso to match our softness. We have for years tried on the heavier paces to put a back plate in to keep the weight of the piece from pulling away from your chest. We finally have managed this by encapsulating the silicone with a hard Poly Urethane back plate that flexes with your chest but gives the rigidity to hole the breasts in place. We are also double coating a hard latex on the outside to vastly improve the tear resistance. Female Masks

Custom Extreme: Make no mistake these are extremely custom piece that can come with custom fitting, custom size and color of nipples and you can opt for standard color or color matching to any color sample. We have even had customers order them with bikini tan lines.. If you have a special feature request please ask and we may include it in your order. Best of all is the Professional Makeup Artist support you get with all MakupArtist products.

As with all MakupArtist products we supply the materials you supply the imagination. Will this or any of our products instantly transform you honestly no but it gives you the support and ammunition to take you in the direction you wish to go. This is a broad product line so take some time to examine each unique item below and drop us a note if you have questions we are here to support you. Be sure to check out I-cup Shake showing the natural movement of our I-cup Breast Torso Please just click on the Video link to start viewing and downloading Here

All Torso Skins are to your order will be started as soon as payment is received. Please allow three to four weeks for us to complete your piece and have it ready to ship. Shipping is parcel post but there is a EMS or DHL option.

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